Ladies headed to....THAILAND

I am so excited to share with you guys, this November I will be c0-leading an amazing all-girls outreach team to Thailand!

God confirmed this location immediately to my co-leader Alexa and I. I saw the word "Thailand" written above her head during a staff meeting, and she had a vivid dream of this nation the night before. We came together to pray about locations and both said we already had a specific nation on our heart. We were giddy with excitement when we both said Thailand at the same time! It feels so reassuring to start this journey with Him speaking clearly to us about where He wants us.

In other amazing news, we have an absolute team of ALL STARS! These girls are fantastic. I am beyond excited to walk with them these next few months as we prepare to go on outreach, and for the months we will be on outreach.

Because our team is an all girls team, we feel led to pursue women's ministry, especially for those who have been victims of sex trafficking. Our team has a heart to bring restoration of hope, trust, and joy to the women of Thailand! We will be ministering in cities, villages, bars, churches, and well, who knows where.

We will be meeting this week to start outreach prep as well as pray about a possible second location for the second month of outreach. Updates to come..

For the next few months we will remain here on the Sunshine Coast hearing from speakers and having lectures.

We will leave for outreach November 18th.

I can't really express how I am feeling about leading outreach. I am so excited, expectant, thankful, and eager. Yet also nearly paralyzed in awe of God and how much He trusts and empowers us as His children. It's the feeling of being tossed the keys of a brand sports new car (after just passing your drivers test) as He has a big grin on His face. I am floored by His grace and His goodness.

Here's to driving that car!

With so much love.



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