Enough to go around

I've been challenged lately with the concept of abundance or lack. How do we decide which is ours? I find myself often toggling between the two, but today I want to choose to always see that abundance is available to me. When I choose to believe that there is enough __________- my capacity, my peace, my faith, grace for others, you name it, increases.

I don't know how to start this update because so much has happened in the last month- words fall short, as they always do. We sent off our surf/skate/snow DTS to outreach last week, and it was such a bitter/sweet thing. So excited to see them go to the nations, and sad to see them leave. Goodbyes are just weird. What an amazing crew though. The last few months, it's been an absolute honor to walk along side them. We sent our team to New Zealand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It's strange to send them out/say good bye as if it's a casual thing to spend 3 months investing in, loving, crying, and laughing with a group of people everyday, and then just let them go.

On another note, I didn't get deported.... YAY! I was working relentlessly last week to pass a government training course so that I could apply for my 2 year student visa. The deadline to finish the course and apply for my new visa came within 12 hours. It was one of those weeks you dread because the amount of hours in the day don't seem to match your workload, but I took it day by day. God didn't just give me grace, He gave me so much joy and motivation. I actually ended up enjoying the week.

It's a fresh and FAST start to the next school! We just finished the first week of our new school. The students left on Saturday, and the new students arrived on Sunday! There are 33 students here now, from all over the world. I am learning that I don't have anything to offer if I don't first receive love for myself. I am choosing to believe daily that there is enough grace and love available to me, and that I am lacking nothing.

Because of the constant schedule, it's easy for me to think that I don't have enough patience, provision, empathy, or compassion to be here serving strangers, but I am learning that when I get my eyes off of myself, there is enough for me to not just take care of me, or survive, but to serve others. The key for me is realizing that I am not my source.

I have some exciting news at the end of this week that I will share in a new blog post!

I attached some pictures below from the last school. Lectures, the prayer farm, and just hanging out with the YWAM crew!

thanks for reading


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