$21,740.... What the heck!!!

WELL we had a giving day this morning. I am wrecked. With just around 4 weeks until outreach, alot of the students and staff still needed a significant amount of money to pay for outreach fee's, flights, etc. We started the morning off playing worship and writing down the needs of each person. As God began to speak, people were prompted to give to each other, some even giving though they themselves still needed money.... MAN Jesus moved!

Through just 18 students and 14 staff, we gave nearly $22,000 dollars! The spirit of generosity fell and I was wrecked by the provision of our Father and the obedience of His kids. I was writing and calculating the money being given, and I had an obnoxious smile on my face the whole time. I love giving. God is the definition of generous. We always talk about His provision, and it was amazing to see that tangibly this morning.

We got back yesterday afternoon from a glorious week spent at a macadamia nut farm in the hills of Maleny, a small, quaint farm town about 45 minutes from where I live on the coast. We stayed at the nut farm for 4 days running prayer slots from 3pm to 6am.

This week was absolutely amazing. I love the nut farm because a.) it is absolutely stunning (green hills, sunshine, cows, beautiful lines of trees, stars at night right in front of your face, cool weather, etc) and b.) we get to spend hours on end worshipping and praying in the presence! As leaders, we helped run 3 hour prayer slots with a few students and they were amazing, reviving, sweet, powerful, you name it. Each session the Holy Spirit did something different, whether we were praying for parents, outreach teams, sickness, etc. It's was so cool to see how different yet powerful each session was.

My favorite thing about this week was seeing the students have their eyes opened to how addicting it is to be in the presence of God. Hours fly by as if it was 30 minutes. We were created to just be with Him, without an agenda or pressure. It was a sweet week, full of fun, and full of Him.

We are heading into our 7th week of the school which is absolutely ridiculous! Time is flying by. Our school of 7 students is headed on outreach in 5 weeks! They are going to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They are a a passionate, joy-filled, radiant bunch. I am not going with them, because I am staffing a new school in September. The day after this school leaves for outreach, the new school arrives. This will be a crazy fast transition but I'm excited.

God is doing so much in this school, and I'm privileged to be apart of it. They are open, receptive, and falling hard and fast in love with God. As for me, I am learning so much that "leading" just means being a "follower" of Jesus. I'm learning that the only way to truly lead is to be filled for myself and overflow.

I'm still literally smiling from this morning. Generosity is in our DNA as Christians. He's good. He knows.

blessings friends,



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