touched down, down under x


I am in Australia, I landed a few days ago. It feels unbelievable and unreal to be back, mainly because I'm not just visiting. It has been sweet and overwhelming to see so many friends and be back at the base.

It was quite an adventure trying to get through customs with my suitcase, travellers backpack, and 60LB board bag. I don't know how the Europeans pack so lightly.. one day I will learn. Right now I'm staying at the staff house with a few staff members. In a couple days, I'll move into the "Wave House" which is the hostile that our base owns and turned into our student community housing.

We start full throttle staff training this Monday for our Surf, Skate, Snow DTS that starts in just a week! I am so excited to jump into training and then roll right into having students arrive.

I attended a graduation last night for the January 2017 DTS, which was amazing. My heart was so stirred. I was taken back to the initial reason that I decided to come back and serve here. Seeing students stand on the stage and share about the amazing testimonies and salvations they saw in other nations, or about the tangible change and life-changing growth that happened in their own hearts throughout their school- MAN what a beautiful thing, seeing people transformed and set free by love. It was good to start my time here staffing by seeing a graduation.

On another less emotional note, here are some transitional hurdles I have encountered being back in AUS:

-How do I respond when people greet me saying, "HEY How ya going??"

-Why do they drive on the left side of the road

-Why is the coffee so delicious

-Why do they call the parking lot a "car park"

-Why do they not have toilet seat covers in public restrooms...

All good things being back! I'm resting and catching up with staff/friends before I start full-time on Monday morning. Thanks for the unbelievably encouraging notes, letters, texts, emails, and all the support as I left. It has made my heart so full, and it's made this transition so sweet and sure.

Love you guys



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